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Witch City Linux

Witch City Linux is a collection of bash shell programs that I wrote to meet my personal needs, meaning I had no intention whatsoever of sharing these items with the world at large. Dying in the hospital of Covid-19 Pneumonia this past September 2021 changed all that. Encroaching death, high-flow oxygen, dexamethasone, and remdesivir have a way of nudging one to look at life through a different set of eyes.

The Witch City Linux project is named so because I first started conceiving and coding this project in Salem, Massachusetts, the Bay Colony town referred to locally as "The Witch City" due to its historically-rich past. The dubbing equally alludes to a play on words, the question I would ask my wife on occasion: "Which city do you think we'll settle down in?" We're still searching for that answer.


This is the Xsession Startup Coordinator that Witch City Linux hangs its hat on. This program allows you to setup all your window manager sessions from 1 central configuration, called sessionrc. Everything is done externally, from outside the window manager, so there is no need to modify autostart scripts, or create a special xinitrc or xsession file. In fact, it's probably best to forget everything you learned about starting your own tailored xsession; Bewitch, for the most part, renders that obsolete.

House of The Seven Gables Entrance, Salem, MA


The most recent addition that replaces the previously-documented programs. More on this later, but it's all in the current download.

Proctor's Ledge Memorial, Salem, MA - Location where the accused witches were hanged in 1692.

Site Design

The background imagery for text is meant to resemble the cover of The Holy Bible. This symbolically contrasts with the body's backdrop to accurately depict who I am, and best represents the omnipresent spiritual forces playing tug-of-war with the destiny of our souls each day.

Witch House, Salem, MA

An isolated section of an upstairs wall in the Witch House serves as the central backdrop for this site. The Witch House, formally known as The Jonathan Corwin House, is located on Essex Street in Salem, Massachusetts, at the edge of its downtown. The Witch House was the home of Jonathan Corwin, who served as a judge in the Salem Witch Trials, and is the only standing structure with direct ties to the 1692 witchcraft trials.

The reddened text, in one shade or another, personifies the blood of Christ. Foggy decor is intended to simulate a hand-driven “dusting off” of a gravestone epitaph.

Recent News 4/15/22

We've been in the Witch City region about a week and a half now, decompressing and getting familiar with the area again. Been suffering from burn-out after a decade of moteling and hoteling it on the road. Trust me, you don't see the best side of human nature in these places.

Nevertheless, it's beginning to feel more like a calling than a programming venture. I'm definitely a changed person from when I started this. The soul's mirror tells no lie.

All hail the window manager! Death to the tyrants!

Giving Up The Ghost

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