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Bewitched In Salem, Witch City Mall, Salem, MA

Mercy Lewis Branch (Sibyl XI/Revision VII)

The 20th release from the branch of Mercy Lewis continues with Generation 12 of Bewitch, and an update to the WCL scripture family: wcl-salem_vd. This newest member is an alternative to pre-built yt-dlp package available w/pacman. VD (video downloader) clones, verifies, builds, and installs the popular github yt-dlpprogram from the wcl command line. The installation will automatically place the binary in ~/.local/bin, or the entire package (bin,man,share) in the /usr directory based upon one's sudo privileges for make. The command to accomplish all that is: wcl -y.

The branch is named after Mercy Lewis, a nineteen-year-old orphan, refugee, and servant of the Putnams, who was labeled as the “Visionary Girl”, presumably for her meticulous testimony inidentifying the sources of unseen adversaries and apparitions. In addition, the afflicted teen suffered fits and seizures, and claimed to have a pact with the Devil. The accounts from Miss Lewis sealed the fate of almost half of the Salem innocents.

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Witch City Whisperer

WWitch City Whisperer (tar.gz)   Witch City Whisperer (zip)

Salem Witch Trials Memorial

Salem Witch Trials Memorial, Charter Street (Burying Point) Cemetery, Salem, MA.

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